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Selling is the Key to Success in Getting that next Job

Great sales people are not born, the skills can be learned. It’s not easy. However, there are some simple rules that can keep you focussed….

1. Be clear about what you are selling – your skills, your abilities and what value you can add to any prospective employer;

2. Have an easy to read and understand brochure (CV)

3. Make sure your CV shows your track record of achievements – what you have done demonstrates what you are capable of;

4. Be persistent in your job searching – don’t give up when you get turned down: learn from each experience, and use this to build on for the next opportunity;

5. Set realistic goals and expectations – it will take time to be successful in your job search: have a plan and stick to it;

6. Take ownership – remember that you have to follow up on everything in your job search: sending out CVs and waiting for someone to call you back is not effective. You are now the “driver”, and you have to follow up everything.

Selling is tough, and many of us don’t like it, but one thing is certain – it does deliver results.

Peter O’Connell

29th June 2011