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Would I want to meet this person?

As you sit down to write your CV you will ponder what your PURPOSE is.

After nearly 12 years in the Career Consulting business, I have now come to see that above all else, your CV is your BROCHURE. Its primary task is to get a meeting, to influence the reader to say ‘I will meet this person’. A number of implications flow from this view.

1. When you are in the job market, you are in the SELLING business and your product is yourself.

2. Your starting point then, is to develop your understanding of what it is you have to sell. This needs to be documented and takes several hours. Only when you have done that should you start drafting your CV.

3. The crucial insight in understanding what you have to sell, is to see that you are selling your ACHIEVEMNETS. It is your track record of RESULTS …..HOW YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE…. How you SOLVED PROBLEMS. This is crucial! A future employer wants a PROBLEM SOLVER, AN ACHIEVER, A RESULT GETTER and the most compelling argument that you can make that you are this kind of person, is to provide the EVIDENCE that you have done this in the past. The content of your CV needs to reflect this.

In addition, a CV needs to

1. be attractive and easy on the eye – all of the tools available for creating good copy need to be used including layout, font sizes, paragraphs, bullets etc.

2. easy to read – simple, direct language with short sentences.

3. have the right balance between providing too much and too little information. For most CV’s, two pages is sufficient.

4. a Summary – a statement of your proposition in 5/6 lines


When your CV is finished…… ask yourself the Crucial Question……

Would I want to meet this person?

7th April 2011