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Election Thoughts….

I am listening to our current crop of election hopefuls trying hard to engage us again in the Body Politic. We are in the middle of the biggest financial meltdown in the nation’s history - large numbers of young people are emigrating and, for the first time ever I am hearing the older generation questioning whether they will bother to vote.

It will be a major task for the new generation of Political Leaders to inspire us, to earn our trust again, to gain our commitment to realities outside our narrow self interest and to fill us with optimism for the future.

It seems to me that many Business Leaders face the same challenge in our organisations. We have re-structured, implemented pay-cuts, outsourced activities and transferred business processes outside the country. We need to pay attention to inspiring our people, gaining their trust again, tapping into their potential, winning their enthusiasm and commitment.

True Business Leaders will see this as a Key Agenda item. Does this feature on your Agenda?

Have you considered ways to re-energise your Team……?

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TRANSITIONireland - 10 February 2011