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Getting a Job in the Current Climate

As an Outplacement Provider, we are at the coal face of the Employment market. Our Candidates target a wide spectrum of Companies, Sectors, Functions, and Job levels and we work closely with them to achieve success. We think we have a good handle on what is going on.

You will not be surprised when I say that there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of jobs out there. However, we are pleasantly surprised each week at the number of our Candidates who achieve success. What are the keys to this success? Essential ingredients are……

  • Tackling the ‘hidden job market’ - the jobs that are filled by Contacts and Cold Calling. Research shows 60%-70% of jobs are filled this way – hard to believe, but it is true!
  • Remembering the CV is not a Job Description. Duties and Responsibilities have no place on a CV. A CV is a selling document and you are selling what you have ACHIEVED and what you have DONE. This needs to be the primary thrust of the CV.
  • Performing well at interview is about PREPARATION, PREPARATION, PREPARATION. A minimum of two days preparation for each job is required.

  • Searching for a Job is a Project and is like any other project. Good Job Search has structure and a Plan with timelines and goals and a tracking tool. Searching for a Job is a job in itself.
  • Finally, being out of work is a difficult time in a person’s life. We advise Candidates to seek the emotional support of family and friends, take exercise, eat properly, keep the day structured by keeping normal hours, continue the leisure activities and treats that you enjoy. You need them more than ever when you are out of work.

Job Seekers who attend to these guidelines considerably increase their chances that they will the successful one to land the jobs (although fewer) that are out there.

Jim Waters

20 August  2010