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New Training Products from TRANSITIONireland

We now provide a comprehensive range of bespoke Workshops designed to engage employees, and develop their abilities and capabilities.
These Workshops include –
· Leadership Development
· Team Development
· Applied Coaching Skills
· Applied Facilitation Skills
· Advanced Interpersonal Communications
· Understanding and Implementing Innovation
Further information is available from
Mike Kelliher (mike@transitionireland.ie) and
Peter O’Connell (peter@transitionireland.ie)
1st July 2011

Selling is the Key to Success in Getting that next Job

Great sales people are not born, the skills can be learned. It’s not easy. However, there are some simple rules that can keep you focussed….
1. Be clear about what you are selling – your skills, your abilities and what value you can add to any prospective employer;
2. Have an easy to read and understand brochure [...]


Would I want to meet this person?
As you sit down to write your CV you will ponder what your PURPOSE is.
After nearly 12 years in the Career Consulting business, I have now come to see that above all else, your CV is your BROCHURE. Its primary task is to get a meeting, to influence the [...]

Placement Success: Good Job news in Recessionary Times

At the end of February in 2011, we reviewed our Outplacement Candidate’s progress in what is seen to be a challenging employment marketplace. It has revealed some interesting insights –

1. 87% of Candidates who have worked with us on an Individual Programme have successfully moved on in their Career Choice within 6 Months of completing [...]

Election Thoughts….

I am listening to our current crop of election hopefuls trying hard to engage us again in the Body Politic. We are in the middle of the biggest financial meltdown in the nation’s history - large numbers of young people are emigrating and, for the first time ever I am hearing the older generation questioning [...]

Employer Branding after the Downturn

I am looking out over a snow covered landscape. The heavy snow passed a couple of days ago and the severe cold (this morning it was - 8.5C) has set in. It will be another few days before we get a thaw. It has set me thinking…… The last two years has been a blizzard [...]

Getting a Job in the Current Climate

As an Outplacement Provider, we are at the coal face of the Employment market. Our Candidates target a wide spectrum of Companies, Sectors, Functions, and Job levels and we work closely with them to achieve success. We think we have a good handle on what is going on.
You will not be surprised when I say [...]

Being Told You are Losing Your Job

How would you feel if one of your children came home and told you they were treated like this?
The other day, I was in conversation with a seasoned H.R. Director, and the topic came up about handling Redundancies. Naturally we swopped stories – stories about redundancies that were well handled and redundancies that were not [...]

Welcome to TRANSITIONireland’s New Website

TRANSITIONireland is pleased to announce the launch of our new website following nine successful years in business.
Our new site reflects the changes that have taken place in the business environment over he last number of years, and also outlines the new services that we offer, and the new people on our team. These new skills will [...]

Navigating Economic Downturns — Protecting Your Employment Brand for the Future

The following is from our Canadian ARBORA Partner, KWA Partners (www.kwapartners.com), and reflects on the value of a professional Career Transition programme in assisting organisations in maintaining the attractiveness of the Employer Brand
For several years, we’ve been hearing about a looming war for talent. Baby boomers are starting to retire and fewer young workers are [...]